Senior Management



Bestos Fongoh, USA


Bestos is a charismatic champion of the less-fortunate people living around the world. Apart from being a mathematics professor, he strongly believes that providing basic education and health is just the right way to provide life-saving relief to the needy. He's an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in charitable projects that helps thousands of people around the world. 

Senior Vice-President


Josephine Ojong Fongoh, USA

Josephine is both an excellent Nurse Practitioner and an advocate for the less-fortunate. She has a natural empathy and sympathy for vulnerable girls and women, and is committed initiatives that will improve their conditions. She devotes much of her time to humanitarian work , and strives for the betterment of girls and women around the world.

She believes that every venerable individual deserves an opportunity for a brighter future which includes Health & Education.

Director, Education


Ndifor Richard, Cameroon

With over 16 years as a teacher and a community leader, Richard has been driven by the strong conviction that every child should have access to a high quality education. He believes that Education is the surest means of ending poverty in Cameroon and around the world.  As Secretary General of the Bamendankwe Development and Cultural Association, Richard has helped raised over $40,000.00 for the construction of classrooms school in one of the poorest neighborhoods in his native village. He has also helped trained over 1500 teachers on Inclusive and Competency based teaching and learning and has worked to promote gender equity in education. 

Country Director, Cameroon


Kelly Dipoko, CMR

Kelly is passionate about giving every unprivileged person choices and tools to meet their goals in life. She strongly believes that, when a people are born into poverty, they have no control over  their education and health. As a member of the Leadership Team, she's responsible for delivering on the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the organization. She holds a master degree in Health education from the University of Buea, Cameroon.

Community Outreach Director for West Africa


  Clarice Akama, CMR/Nigeria


Clarice is a natural empathy and sympathy person for the needy and given her extensive educational background, she's able to use her experience for the benefit of the organization in the Western African regions. She's passionate about helping a community of the less-fortunate people in making a difference and helping their dreams come true.

Sr. VP of Programs & Advocacy


Bi Toh, USA

Having led programmatic initiatives through education and current career as a social worker with Advocates Inc. as Crisis Clinician in MA, USA, Bi brings with her institutional humanitarian aid experience. She's equipped with an extensive technical background including , career building skills, childhood and development. 

Country Rep - Sweden


Akeri Awah

Medical Officer


Dr. Michael Ekaney

Carolinas Medical Center

Medical Officer


Dr. Mukong Adeso

Surgeon - Charlottesville, Virginia

Director of Services - Health


Christina Fomuso 

Pharmacist - Walgreens 

Texas - USA

Head of Marketing and Communications

Social Impact Manager

Erica Atanga

Assistance Manager, Walmart Inc.

High Point, NC - USA

Finance Director

Michael Kenneth Foleng holds a degree in Accounting from London, UK. He is very passionate about hel


Michael Keneath Foleng 

He holds a degree in Accounting from London, UK. He equally holds a Master Degree in the same field. Michael is very passionate about helping the poor and needy. Ever since he joined the organization in October 2013, he has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of the vulnerable and providing them with financial advice on how to better manage their limited funds.

Director of Technology & Innovation


Roland Awasom, USA