About Us


  • Caring4Girls Project

Our Mission


Health & Education 4 All is a United States 501(c)(3) public charity committed to alleviating hunger and poverty within the communities we serve through;

- Leadership and excellence in delivering health educational services to the less privileged.

- Expanding the horizons of women and girls’ empowerment.

- Educating and training to make reusable sanitary pads.

- Interactive sessions on menstruation, personal hygiene and sexual health.

- Mentoring and organizing STEM programs in secondary schools.

Quality health and STEM education is our priority. Providing training to make reusable sanitary pads and STEM education are essential to our mission.

Strategic Vision


Health and Education 4 All will continue as the leading health organization in Cameroon, while enhancing its position as a leader among the nation’s most admired and trusted health organizations. In fulfilling this role, Health & Education 4 All will:

- Organize events on training to make reusable sanitary pads.

- Provide interactive sessions on menstruation, personal hygiene and sexual health.

- Demonstrate national leadership in providing community empowerment on violence and  discrimination in schools.

- Organize mentoring programs in secondary schools.

- Advance science through free IT training for young girls and women.

To achieve this:

 Health & Education 4 All Int. will:

- Attract and enhance relationships with the best and most respected scientists and staff, sharing commitment to leadership, quality and value. 

- Reach out to a broader and more diverse community, serving as a model for other health organization in providing community service programs.

- Provide leading edge medical and information technology.

Our Values


In the pursuit of this vision, the actions of leadership and staff will be guided by the following values:

-Integrity    -Excellence    

-Teamwork and collaboration

-Respect         -Compassion 

-Innovation     -Stewardship 

-Efficiency     -Diversity


Our Campaign

Health & Education 4 All International believes every unprivileged person deserves a better future. Around the world, we give these individuals basic education and basic health. We do whatever it takes to transform their lives.

Without a solution to manage her monthly period, 1 in 10 girls in Cameroon and in many countries around the world, miss 3 - 5 days of school each month due to lack of sanitary pads. As a result, the Caring4Girls Project aim at providing free sanitary pad kits and training girls and young women on how to make re-usable sanitary pads. In addition, interactive educational sessions on puberty, menstruation, personal hygiene, sexual health and STIs are also offered. Included in its program is a Diabetes Awareness that have helped a lot of poor communities in Cameroon know their status. 

Health & Education 4 All International is also working on STEM mentorship. We’re currently working with WVED – Cameroon and the Council of Bamenda I to offer mentor services to positively impact the social development and academic achievement of youth ages 8 – 20. We also mentor students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools and we will extend to Cabarrus county school system. 

Today, our work and mission are more important than ever. Through the compassion of our supporters, donors and volunteers, we able to offer quality services to their most vulnerable individuals, especially women and young children. If you have the same passion and commitment to helping those in need, we will continue to provide basic education and healthcare to the less-fortunate around the world.

Together, we can alleviate poverty and improve communities around the world.