Community Empowerment

With this program, we work with local leadership in underserved communities to provide essential basic education and health care, while creating a self-sustaining system. 

Through this program, we work in addressing the social, cultural and economic determinants that underpin basic education and health, and seeks to build partnerships with other sectors in finding solutions. We're in need of partner organizations and volunteers who can help in this area.


Africa4Her - Paving the Way for Women Entrepreneurs.

This is an initative of Young African Learders Initiative (YALI) where we're a member organization. 

Some people call it “empowering” women and girls. We call it “investing.” That’s because each action you take to increase a woman’s access to equal opportunities in the workplace, a girl’s access education, and steps you take to eliminate gender-based violence benefits your community, country, and continent (

We aim at supporting female entrepreneurs by raising awareness of the challenges women entrepreneurs face and empowering you to take positive action to address those challenges. This isn’t just about women, men play an important role in empowering, mentoring, and supporting women entrepreneurs.


We provide educational resources and training — including ICT training — to hundreds of children and youth, so they can acquire the skills they need to become employable or advance their education at the post-secondary level. We also support students’ education with basic needs, including tuition, books, school uniform, medical care, social healthcare, sports programs, art and culture. We seek to provide a stable environment to many eager learners.